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There are several ballroom dances practiced by people all over the world. Here is a detailed list of the types of Ballroom dance and Latin and rhythm dance

Social Foxtrot: This is the simplest dance that belongs to the ballroom dance. People can quickly learn it. Beginners usually start with this dance initially.
Waltz: This ballroom dance is best suited for slow ballads and instrumental music with3/4 timing. Waltz is also simple to learn.
Tango: This dance is mostly danced to march lie music and medium tempo orchestral.
Viennese Waltz: This is a fast dance which is usually danced for music with ¾ or 6/8 time. It is danced to classical music like Strauss Waltzes.
Foxtrot: This dance form was born during the Ragtime era. This ballroom dance came into existence in the year 1913.
Quickstep: This is a fusion ballroom dance which combines the steps of Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston. The dance offers speed, body flare as you dance for the tempo changes.

Cha cha cha: This dance was originated in the year 1950. It is danced to Latin music which is of medium speed. Cha Cha Cha is a syncopated Latin dance.

Samba: This is a medium tempo dance and danced for Brazilian Latin Music. The music often comes with a definite upbeat.
Rumba: This is a slow dance form which is originated from Samba. It is usually danced to slow ballads of Latin.
Poso Doble: This is a type of ballroom dance which is danced to some dramatic music like Latin Bullfight. Espana Chai is the most used song for this dance form.
Jive: This is the dance which includes fast swing music, and it is the UK version of the American Jitterbug
Mambo: This dance is native to Cuba, which is danced usually to the Latin music which is of up-tempo.

The above are some of the dance types of ballroom dance.

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