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Tango is a mesmerizing dance form that has a unique sense of style and elegance. It evolved in the late 1800s in the dance halls and brothels of the downtown districts of Buenos Aires. The Spanish Tango and the Milonga merged together to form the Tango known throughout the world today. By the early 1900s, tango became socially accepted in the upper circles and even became a craze by 1915. Interestingly, the firs tango music was not composed by known composers till 1910.

Tango performed in the earlier days was spirited and lively. However, it was in 1920 that the music and lyrics took on a touch of melancholy leading the tango step to evolve into a smoother ballroom step.

Step Into The History of Tango

Tango has been described as one of the most fascinating dance forms by people all over the world. It originated in Spain and was introduced by the Spanish settlers to the New World. Interestingly, the tango was actually a solo dance performed by a woman till it evolved into the Andalusian Tango which had one or two couples performing the dance. In those days, the tango was considered to scandalous due to its flirty music. However, this naughty side to Tango made it all the more appealing to the youth, causing it to grow popular day by day. The Ballroom Tango emerged from the poorer districts of Buenos Aires. The clothing for the tango was dictated to be gauchos with high boots for the men and full skirts for the women.

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Discover The Different Styles Of Tango

The Salon Style Tango is often danced with an upright posture. Both the dancer’s centre is a little bit to the side of their partner’s centre creating an offset. In case this Tango style is danced in a close embrace, the couple usually loosens their embrace a bit to allow the different movements.

The beauty of the tango is that it can be danced in different styles while being accompanied by any kind of music. Since the styles carry the fundamental movements and tempo, they have been divided into different categories like open embrace and close embrace.

The Milonguero-Style Tango is danced with a leaning posture that joins at the shoulders of the couple. This particular tango style is also danced in a close embrace with the woman’s head and body held close to the partner. Constant upper body contact is maintained by the couple thoughout the dance.

Reasons To Learn How To Tango

With the growing risk of people contracting lifestyle diseases as a result of less physical activity and increased stress levels, it has become necessary to look for different forms of physical activity to keep the body moving. Tango offers an excellent low impact workout which is not stressful and does not overburden the body either. In fact, many medical professionals recommend taking up Tango classes to start getting physically fit. This way, trying to get healthy does not seem like a chore anymore. Tango has also been proven to improve posture and grace. The best part about Tango is that it can be taken up at any age as well.