About Us

There are few things in life that truly bring joy. For some people, it is the art of cooking, and for others, it is eating a delicious meal. Then there are those who love to snuggle up with a book and be lost in a world between pages. But there are a few who truly come alive when they are dancing. When we say dancing, we don’t mean a particular dance style. We mean any form of dance. It could be ballet; it could be urban; it could be hip-hop. As long as the music beats, it makes the body flow and the heart happy.
I was one of the lucky souls to be born with a zeal for dancing. For me, it was the street style that made my body sing. But being from a locality that didn’t have a happening street dancing group, it was hard to learn about it. Instead of taking this as an insurmountable obstacle, I dug my toes in and got about researching. Some of it online, but most of it on stages, theatres, concerts, dance groups, libraries, etc. You name it, and I was there.
Within a short time, I had a mountain of information, and that’s how Gato Milongueiro was born. The platform is an online dance resource. It is here to help urban dancers find:
• Information on famous dancers
• Biographies of well-known people in the field of dancing
• Explanation of various dance styles
• Dance facts from around the world
With the platform, my hope is that every budding or professional dancer can find their rhythm. If they get stuck with their dance style, they come here to find inspiration. If they want knowledge of dancers, they come here to get it. If they need tips on styles, they come here to read them.