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Hip-hop is a popular dance style which is becoming popular in recent years. This dance form originated in Black and Latino community people. It is a unique dance form which is also considered as street dance by certain people. This dance style is about 50 years old, and some of the early dance styles of hip-hop are breaking, roboting, popping, uprock, break dancing, etc. These dance styles come with some different dance steps and make the hip-hop dance style special.

Role Of Television In Popularizing Hip Hop

Television was an old platform which took hip-hop dance style to the public. Dance-focused shows in television gained popularity with the advent of Hip-hop dance performances. Some of the popular hip-hop dance shows featured in television are “So You Think You Can Dance (2005)”, “America’s Got Talent” (2006), “America’s Best Dance Crew”( 2008) and ” World Of Dance ” (2017). These dance shows telecasted in television helped to take up Hip-Hop to various nations worldwide.

Role Of Internet In Popularizing Hip-Hop

After the 1990s, hip-hop videos were featured with people performing hip-hop dance. The popularity of this unique dance style became evident only with the advent of the Internet. YouTube was the driving factor for the popularity of hip hop dance in the year 2005. In the 21st century, hip-hop videos on YouTube were a great hit. In recent years, choreographers of hip hop dance came up with unique dance moves. This helped to reach a massive audience all over the world. This also led to the popularity of hip-hop songs.

Current Status
Today hip-hop is popular among youngsters, and many dance studios offer specialized hip-hop classes to people who are interested in it. There are certain dance studios that deal with hip-hop dance style.
The above is the evolution of Hip-Hop dance style and how it was popularized.

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