Dancing Styles Of Persona 4- Dancing All Night

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Persona 4-Dancing All Night is a popular rhythm video game. It is a game of dancing to defeat shadows. Every character of this video come up with a unique style and look. The different roles of this video game exhibited individual dancing styles. Each character of the video is an exceptional dancer who performs their choreography. Here you would know about the different dancing styles incorporated in this popular rhythm video.
Martial Art Moves: Chie a character of Dancing All Night incorporated certain martial art moves in her dancing styles.
dance formHip Hop: This is a popular and recent street dance practiced in this modern world. Yosuke is another character who follows some male idols and depicts the hip hop flare.
Street Dance: Street dance vary in style based on the region and culture it originated. Chie showcased street dance mixed with specific kung fu actions.
Ballet: Ballet is one of the traditional dancing styles. Youkiko a character of the Dancing All Night Video comes with a unique dancing style which is influenced by the ballet type of conventional dancing style.
Gymnastic: Gymnastic is a sport with specific movements and turns of the body. Teddie, an exciting character of Persona 4, performs a unique dancing style which is derived from gymnastics. Teddie wears a perfect outfit to exhibit a unique dancing style.
Locking: This is a popular dancing style, and it is practiced by the character called Kanji of Dancing All Night.
The above are some of the unique dancing styles incorporated in Persona 4- Dancing All Night rhythm video game.

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