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May 27, 2018
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Few Facts About Tango That you may not know

Tango is a ballroom dance which is sensual and comes from Argentina city of Buenos Aires. It is performed by a couple, a man and women. They move in a very synchronized way expressing their deep love for one another. Initially, it started off as a solo dance performance by women, but as its popularity spread in the city, it becomes a couples dance.

Tango Music For a Wedding Dance arranged by Wedding Event Planners

Real Couples dancing Tango in a Wedding arranged by KiyohThe technique of Tango dancing: The music used in a tango dance is repetitive with beats of 16 and 32. The women hold the arms of the man on the inside of the elbow, and her head is held back. The right hand of the women is placed on the lower part of the hip of the man. The man leads the women and follows a pattern on the floor. Successful dancers can connect to the audience as well as the music and perform romantically. Tango these days are suited for more intimate events like weddings, and hence wedding event planners make it part of the schedule. Check out places where you can go dancing this weekend, There are many different styles of Tango with all of them having different techniques and rules. But one common thing is that the dancers are in close contact with each other and are usually connected at the chest or hip. The ballroom tango is the most popular type of tango these days.

Smooth Tango Popular Music For Wedding Organized by Wedding Event Planners

Music for tango dance: The jazz music is a favorite for Tango, though folk and classical music can also be used. TheCouple Dancing a Tango at a Festival of Love artists have these days started making music for this form of dance with Astor Piazzolla pioneering in combining jazz and classical. Though this combo was not much appreciated by the purists initially, it is now slowly catching up with the people of America. Even the best orchestras have now started playing them which is a victory for people like Piazzolla. Tango music is also slowly becoming the most popular genre with the style of dancing now we have derived from the original styles of tango. Though ballroom tango was started by Argentinians, it was the Spanish who made it popular and the world accepted it. From Europe, it then gained popularity in America especially New York. These dances have also been featured in movies and have taken center stage in cinemas like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Shall We Dance, True Lies, etc.

Rock the Wedding Dance Floor with these easy steps of Tango

Learn to dance: Learning tango is not very complicated and is a fun activity for the couple. Even beginners who have no experience in any form of dance can quickly pick up this dance form. The easiest way to learn it is by attending classes in places where they teach this style of dancing. If you are not keen on learning in studios, you can always use online videos. There are many free youtube and online paid videos that you can watch and learn from, but a few live classes are recommended for improving your moves and to grow more self-confident in your dancing abilities.

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