Popular Dancing Styles In The World

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Dancing is an excellent physical activity with various sequences of human movement. Different dancing styles are popular all over the world. The following are some of the popular dance styles.

Hip Hop Dance
This is a traditional street dance usually performed for hip-hop music. This is a popular dance style which includes popping, breaking, locking, etc. Hip hop dance style is commercially popular today. There are several dance crews practicing hip-hop in several countries. Several dancing styles combine hip hop with it. Due to its popularity hip hop is performed in dance studios and streets.

Tap Dance
This is a famous dancing style which is mainly characterized by the tap of the shoe. Dancers tap their feet for the rhythm of the music. The tapping creates a sound as the shoe is made of a type of metal. Dancers wear different brands of shoes and hence differ in sound. Rhythm tap and Broadway tap are different types of tap dance that is currently in practice. Rhythm tap offers emphasis on music for dancing, and broadway tap focuses on dance. The soft shoe is a type of dance which does not require special shoes.

dance styleBelly Dance
This is an expressive dance which incorporates complex body movements. This dancing style has evolved from various countries and region over the years. This is a dancing style that has spread globally.

This is one of the famous Indian classical dances. The word Kathak is derived from Sanskrit word meaning Katha. This dance style mainly communicates the stories of great epics and mythology. Kathak dance also depicted childhood stories of God Krishna.

This is a traditional dance that originated from the Italian Renaissance courts. Various schools taught ballet as a part of the curriculum. The dance incorporated specific historical culture.

The above are some of the famous dancing styles in the world.

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