Know About Popular Dance Styles

Know about Popular Varieties of Dance
March 27, 2018
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April 12, 2018
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Dance is popular from the ancient days, and it has evolved today with many modern styles of dance. If you’re interested in mastering any one of the dance styles, then you must be aware of the popular dance styles. Here you can know about the popular dance styles that are popular today.

Overview Of Different Dance Styles

There are different dance styles practiced all over the world. Each dance type is known for its own culture and significance. Here the dance styles practiced all over the world are listed.
Contemporary Style- A Popular Dance Style
This is a popular dance style which is widely prevalent in various countries. This dance style is based on lyrics, and it incorporates ballet and Jazz. Practicing this style of dance would help to connect the body and mind. Usually, this dance is performed in barefoot as it involves heavy footwork. It offers freedom to the dancer to come up with his/her creative dance steps.

Ballet-Backbone of Dance
The fundamental of this dance style is made use in other dance styles. The three main classifications of ballet are classical ballet, neoclassical ballet and contemporary ballet. This type of dance style usually depicts a story. This dance is performed with classical music.

salsa danceJazz-Unique Moves

This type of dance style, when practiced, it would make people feel energetic. It is a fun dance style which is usually performed for hip hop music. Freedom is offered to Jazz dancers on expressing their ideas in the dance performance. The dance includes lots of leaps, turns with various unique moves and fast footsteps.

Tap-Blend Of Movements
This is a special type of dance style which is usually practiced using shoes. Rhythmic patterns of sound are created when this style of dance is practiced. The dancers make use of the upper bodies to perform this dance.

Ballroom- Dance With A Partner
It is a dance type which is performed with a partner, and it is performed usually by a man and a woman. It is a form of social dance, and it depicts the interaction between the partners.
The above are some of the popular types of dance styles which are widely popular.

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