Know about Popular Varieties of Dance

Common Reasons On Why People Love To Dance
March 12, 2018
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Know About Popular Dance Styles
April 12, 2018

Humans have been dancing for centuries and Millenniums. They have done it to celebrate achievements and happy moments. At times, dancing has been the way to express themselves with the help of bodily movements.

Standardization of dance forms
Over the years, many patterns of dancing have gained structure, and hence, they can be identified and distinguished from other methods of dancing. Ballet, Jazz, tap dance, hip hop dance, contemporary dancing, and belly dancing, among others are the most widely recognized methods of dance.

Ballet has many styles
Ballet is one of the earliest dance forms that remains popular and relevant even in the modern era. It has been sub-categorized into classical, neoclassical and contemporary based on its evolution over the centuries.

The evolution of Ballet
Classical Ballet was always orchestrated and made use of facial expressions. With the arrival of neoclassical Ballet, the concentration shifted to faster movements, and the reliance on orchestration deteriorated. The contemporary form of Ballet is more about self-expression of the artist with reduced significance on traditional structure and technique.

danceJazz and its decedents
Jazz dancing is also one of the most loved forms of dance with considerable use of strong and expressive movements of the body. Swing dancing is a modified style of Jazz which gained prominence in the early part of the twentieth century.

Several reputed choreographers utilized Jazz dancing to connect to their audiences. Break dancing and hip hop also have their roots in Jazz dancing. These are relatively modern methods that require substantial physical dexterity and flexibility for optimum performance. They are focused on the individuality and emotions of the performer. Self-expression is the crucial factor with hip hop as well as breakdance.

When swing bands became a favored method of entertainment, swing dancing arrived on the scene with a lot of gusto. Swing dancing stands apart from other offshoots of Jazz because it requires groups and couples.

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