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The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing was formed in the year 1904. At that time, it was called the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers. It has enjoyed a glorious history as evidenced by over a hundred years of its existence. When the publication of the Dance Journal the commenced in 1907, the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers gradually started gaining popularity.

ISTD made early inroads right after inception
By 1913, this organization had more than a hundred members. However, its growth and development were stalled because of the first world war. Activities resumed with gusto in 1924, and the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers never looked back from then onward. The same of this organization continued to grow, and by 1930 it had more than 2000 members. In 1925, the name of this organization was changed to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

dance schoolAdapt to survive and thrive
With time, the ISTD adapted to the changing dance forms by creating separate branches to handle Greek dance, Classical Ballet, and other rapidly growing dance forms. The greatness of this organization is reflected by the fact that its activities is did not stop even when the Second World War took place. The incorporation of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in 1945 bears testimony to its continued excellence over the years.

Professionalism is crucial even for artistic pursuits
The senior members of the organization, along with the Chairperson, realized that professional training for teachers was essential to guide the upcoming generation. At present, branches of ISTD are operational in more than 50 countries. Formation of the South Asian dance faculty in 1999 goes on to show the global presence of this great organization which has continued to flourish despite all odds. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is responsible for conducting examinations for dance professionals across the globe.

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