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June 14, 2019
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March 1, 2020

By now, I’m sure a lot of the vegan community has heard that Heather Mills, Paul McCartney’s ex, made a big splash on Dancing With the Stars two weeks in a row. In fact, she danced a pretty mean Mambo and Fox Trot. Now, honestly, we at Vegan Unlimited have never watched this show. Well, okay, I have to confess (this is Diana confessing) I’ve seen it once before but I was at the gym on the elliptical trainer and it was on one of the TVs in front of me. And since I’ve already fessed up to watching it once, I might as well confess to watching it these past two weeks but only to vote for Heather, of course!

While many think this is just a publicity stunt on her part, Heather Mills stated on the Larry King show last week that she is donating 100% of her appearance fee to charity. And which charity might that be? It’s Viva!, the international organization that works on behalf of animal rights. Way to go, Heather! Vegans everywhere will be rooting for you.

If you’re not familiar with Viva!, please take the time to visit their website and read about the recent success they’ve had in exposing the cruelties of British pig farming and how they’ve had a hand in improving pig welfare in the UK by putting the pressure on Marks & Spencer (a supposedly “ethical supermarket”) to raise their standards. There’s still more work to be done, of course, but Viva! is making great strides. Kudos to Viva! and Heather Mills! Don’t forget to tune in to Dancing For the Stars on Monday nights and vote for Heather.
Your friends at Vegan Unlimited,
Diana and Andrea

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