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Dance is popular worldwide from the ancient days. Today several dance forms are evolved and in practice all over the world. People love to practice dancing for several reasons. Dance offers various health benefits irrespective of the style of the dance you choose. You can select a particular dance style that suits your personal interest and compatible with your personality.

Overview Of Different Dance Styles

You must have a clear idea about the different dance styles that is popular even today. This would help to choose the right dance style based on your interest. The following talks about the different styles of dance that is popular around the world.

Ballet- Elegant And Delicate Dancers
Ballet is a traditional dance style which is popular in various countries. This type of dance style suits people who are graceful and elegant. Ballet performances are precise and perfect. Usually, this type of dance is performed by people who are weightless as they have to take up difficult spins and footwork. To become a professional ballet dancer one has to take up intense practice for several years.

Contemporary Dance Styles- Modern Dance Styles

Contemporary dance styles have been evolved in recent years. It includes certain modern dance styles like Jazz and other dance styles. Today choreographers were able to make use of the body as a tool to mold and shape their body. The jazz dance style is a dynamic dance form which requires high energy for its performance. Music lovers prefer a contemporary style of dancing. Some of the modern dance style are listed below.

Tap Dancing
People who enjoy the rhythm would love to perform tap dancing. It is a dance style where the dancers tap the feet to the rhythm. The taping sometimes helps to depict the real-life emotions and stories in their dance performance.

Theatrical Dance
This is a type of dance performance where props, costumes, music are given greater importance. This type of dance performance includes storytelling activity.
The above are the popular styles of dance forms that are popular all over the world.

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