Tips That Make Your Tango Moments Beautiful

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April 23, 2018
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May 16, 2018

A stronger connection between the partners is required when performing a tango. The bliss of tango dance lies on the connection that the tango dancers try to maintain. Various factors make the tango moments beautiful like the right music, the right partner, etc. You can learn the right tango techniques from experienced tango dancers of popular tango academy. You can know about the tango academy through their websites developed by popular Website Design Company. The link talks about the popularity of the various dance forms like tango, jazz, etc.
The article below helps tango dancers with some of the useful tips that would make the audience to experience the ultimate bliss of their performance.

Tango dancers are aware that a stronger connection between the partners is a must for making the tango performance memorable. The tango dancer tries to maintain two types of close loops namely horizontal and vertical loops. The article below gives some tips for tango dancers to improve the close loops.

Improving Horizontal Loop
This loop is nothing but the embrace and the communication between the partners performing tango dance. The following tips would help to make to improve the quality and expression of a horizontal loop.

Tip 1: Maintain A Circular Energy
When trying to maintain a pleasant embrace remember that you maintain circular energy. Both partners can do this by using their arms like hugging each other. Make use of your arm to build a pleasant embrace. Do not offer pressure on your partner’s back while trying to create a horizontal loop. Too much pressure on the back can avoid the rounded energy that is required for a strong connection.
Tip 2: Do Not Tense Your Body
Try to maintain a stable embrace by activating the muscles around the shoulders. Do not make use of your biceps for creating a gentle embrace. See that you do not feel any pain in your body after performing tango dance. Build the embrace without offering tension to your body.
Tip 3: Maintain Gentle Pressure
Do not pull each other’s hand but try to maintain a gentle pressure between the partners. You can achieve this by making use of the finger of the extended hand straight. This avoids pulling each other.
Tip 4: Maintain Firmness On Closed Side
Concentrate on the embrace on the close side. See that you maintain firmness on the close side so that the embrace looks good and improves the connection.

Improving Vertical Loop
This loop is nothing but making use of the floor by both the partners during the tango dance performance. It is all about transferring each other’s weight with the help of the floor.

Tip 1: Activating Vertical Loop
This can be done by pushing your heels towards the floor. Anchor your feet on the ground which offers support during the tango dance. The vertical loop can be activated when both the partners take necessary steps to make use of the floor properly. This helps to transfer the weight gradually.
Tip 2: Sliding On The Floor
It is possible to maintain proper vertical loop connection by sliding on the floor gently.

The above are some of the useful tips that help to improve a strong connection between both the partners performing tango dance.

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  1. Naveen Kumar says:

    A very interesting read and yes I agree to this a strong bond between you and your partner must be created when you are ready for a tango moment!

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