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June 27, 2017
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Tango is a classical ballroom dance which reckons a century back in the country of Argentina. The tango dance has developed ever since and become one of the beautiful and passionate dances of the world. The first song of tango dance was Toma Mate Che. This historical dance has seen several changes and developments over the years, but it has not lost its importance. There are certain Tango Facts unknown by the people of the current generation. It is mostly performed by couples, but in the ancient time, it was performed only by women. The tango styles are unique and expressive. The techniques practiced by the tango dancers are difficult. The article below talks about some of the interesting facts about tango that everyone should be aware of.

You would be surprised to know that this historical and beautiful dance sprung from the underprivileged areas of Buenos Aires. It is a dance performed by the immigrants of Africa and Europe on the streets of Buenos. The dance is a perfect fusion of African and European styles.
The most interesting fact about this tango dance is that the dance becomes popular due to the shortage woman in Buenos. People who immigrated from other countries to Argentina were mostly men. This was to meet out the basic needs and financial requirements. There was a huge number of men compared to women. Men made use of this dance to attract woman towards them. Thus it was used as a sexual tool to attract women and dance with them.
Tango expresses various elements of life from its expression. The upper class of the country considered this dance a bit low and scandalous as it was usually featured in brothels. During the period 1955 to 1983 Tango became illegal. The military rule in Argentina declared the Tango dance to be unlawful. The popularity of the dance started to diminish as people who practiced Tango were prosecuted. Tango did not lose its glory even after making it illegal. It was not possible for the right wing conservatives to destroy the popularity of the Tango dance.
Tango became popular when it was introduced as the first ever couple dance in Europe. Europeans improvised the Tango dance based on the couple dance which contains sequences. Tango experienced the second wave of popularity in the year 1912 as it became popular among Europeans. Upper-class people of Argentina started to practice Tango as it became a popular dance in Europe.
There are several Hollywood films like Take The Lead, True Lies, Shall We Dance etc featuring this historical dance called Tango.
People who are interested in learning can visit a dance studio in their locality. People can learn the basics of the dance very easily. Various online videos would help people to learn about this historical and passionate dance.
The above article shares some of the interesting facts and glorious history of tango dance. The popularity and glory of the Tango dance have not lost ever since its development.

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