Gato Milongueiro was formed by a group of tango dancers over two decades ago. This website has turned into the official website for updates and the latest tango events and competitions around town. Milonga is the term that is usually used to refer to any place or any event where tango is featured. Interestingly, people who attend events at Milonga are often called milongueros. Tango originated in the early 1880s and soon spread across the globe rapidly. Tango in the modern age has changed a lot from its initial form. As its popularity grew, many other forms of tango also emerged. These new forms of tango also fund plenty of takers given the vitality of this particular dance form.

If you are a beginner who would like to try their hand at learning this interesting dance form, the Gato Milongueiro lists plenty of classes that are held weekly at the center. The instructors at the milonga have years of experience teaching the tango. Around three or four songs are played followed by a short break from music to help clear the floor and change partners.  Tango is a complicated dance form that involves a lot of informal rules on how the dance partners are chosen to how to move across the dance floor. Advanced classes are also held at the milonga to give seasoned tango dancers a chance to improve their dance steps and moves.

If you are interested in participating in a tango dance competition, you will be able to find all the latest news and events at the Gato Milongueiro. All the latest tango events, including information on how to perform better, can be seen on the website. We also put up articles regularly about famous tango dancers regularly.

Tango is often recommended by doctors as a fun way to have a healthier lifestyle.  Tango helps increase testosterone levels in men. It has also been proved to help people feel more relaxed and interestingly even feel sexier.  This sensual dance puts you in touch within all your senses and helps you feel every dance move with the different parts of your body.  The music used for tango dance routines are comparatively upbeat and ca help uplift your mood as well. Recent studies have even proved how tango has helped several people come out of their depression.  Interestingly, a new fitness routine that combines the dance moves from tango, and the routines for Pilates called tangolates has also become popular in recent times.

Gato Milongueiro is devoted to making tango more popular by having regular dance competitions and events where people get to see the beauty of this dance in its purest form. Hollywood is often credited with making tango more popular all over the world. Initially, tango was restricted South and North American continents, but as time went on, it managed to captivate people all over the world. Gato Milongueiro gives people from different countries to interact with other who share their interest in this sensual dance form. In recent times, a lot of reality shows and dance offs on TV has helped further the popularity of tango. If you are interested in picking up the basics of tango, take a look at the classes section on our website and choose a class timing that is suitable for you.