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May 18, 2017
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Milongas give you a chance to express yourselves through dance. Though it is more about dance, the costumes which you choose to wear is also important. Some people dress up casually while some highly aesthetically; it is up to you to choose what is the best for you. There are hard and fast rules regarding what to wear and what not to wear to Milongas. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect outfit for the occasion.

You should feel happy and comfortable!
The first thing that you should check while shopping is that does that dress makes you happy? Wear it and look in the mirror to confirm the same. If you find yourself happy and confident, go for it. If you are doubtful and feeling self-conscious, then keep it aside and pick another one!

There are no specific clothes which are designed for Milonga dance. So, you can go according to your interest and comfort. But make sure that you look super sexy in that outfit.

For men
Jackets look good. But make sure they are lightweight so that they do not make your moves difficult. A spectacular over-shirt will be a safer option compared to jackets. You can take an extra shirt in case your first outfit gets wet after continuous dancing. Wide legged pants give your ass the best look. They are comfortable too!


For women
Your legs are sexy! So wear a dress which ends at or slightly above your knees. Black cocktail dresses and straight skirts made of stretchable material are excellent options. Pick up those clothes which look beautiful when viewed from back and side; those are the places which will be showing up most of the time when you are dancing. Coming to the lingerie, any two piece lacy ones layered on top of each other will be fine. Don’t go strapless!

Tango shoes are available in the market. But you need not go for them if you find them boring. Any shoe which you find interesting and which lets you dance freely will do! The shoe must stay on your feet during all kinds of actions involved in dancing, so it will be good if they are firmly held to your feet with laces or straps. Leather soles are the best. The soul should not be too slippery or sticky. Use sandpaper to make the soles a bit rough.

Jewel accessories are a must when it comes to Milonga. Glam yourselves up with shining jewellery! Go for something sparkly in the dark so that they will enhance the beauty of your costumes. Diamonds are the best choice as they combine shine and grace equally. Have a look at the unique diamond collection at sites like Etsy, Blue Nile, I love Diamonds, etc. and make your choice.

We hope that the above suggestions help you to pick up the right clothes so that you are the star of the Milonga night. If you are still in doubt regarding what to wear, check out the photographs at for further ideas.
So, all set to go Tango?


  1. Lowson says:

    The above post helped me to choose a perfect outfit for performing milongas

  2. Thomas says:

    The post offers a perfect tips for a perfect outfit for molongos.

  3. Mariya says:

    The tango shoes looks great for a Milonga night

  4. Elizabeth Guez says:

    I usually find it comfortable to wear wide leg pants while practicing milango.

  5. Faye Gillis says:

    I purchased a stretchable skirt for the milango dance performance.My friends told that I looked goregous in that outfit

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