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Tango is a historical dance which was developed a century back in the country of Argentina. It was mainly a dance performed by couples which expresses their inner feelings. The dance is a perfect fusion of European and African styles. There are various tango styles practiced all over the world. The style of the dance varies mainly on the tempo and basic movements of the dance. The dance is broadly classified into two categories namely close embrace and open embrace. The article below lists some of the Tango Dance Styles that are popular around the world.

Tango Salon
This is a popular tango style mostly practiced by couples. This style of tango can be performed in open or closed position. The couple maintains an upright position when performing tango salon style dance. In this style, it is important that the couple stays on their axis with a flexible embrace. This style demands rotation of hip of the couple.

Tango Milonguera
This type of tango style is usually performed in close embrace. Couples should maintain a leaning posture throughout their dance performance. Upper body contact is required throughout the dance even during the twist and turns. People lean against each other or try to maintain own balance when performing this type of tango style.

Club Tango
This style is a perfect combination of tango salon and tango milonguera. This style belongs to the close embrace category of Tango. Couples maintain an upright posture throughout the dance performance. The club tango style demands to lose the embrace during the twist and turns.

Tango Orillero
This style of Tango is easy to perform, and it can be learned by anyone. This dance can be performed as either open embrace or close embrace. Here the couple dances out of the embrace. The Orillero means ‘Tango from the outskirts of the city.’

Tango Canyengue
This style is a historical tango dance which became popular in the 1920’s. This type of tango dance belongs to the close embrace category. In this style, the performers make use of bent knees to take up smaller steps throughout the dance. This style demands that the performers exaggerate their body movements to match with the small steps.

Tango Nuevo
This style of Tango is the latest which is developed after analysis of the basic structural movements of the tango dance. This style improvises some new combination of steps and moves. This style belongs to the open and loose category. Tango dancers perform this music with traditional and contemporary music. The couple maintains an upright posture through this style of dance performance.

This tango style is usually featured in stage shows. This style is a perfect mixture of several tango styles. Fantasia includes various extra movements, and the exaggerated body turns which it makes unique from social tango. Ballet style of dance influences this style.

Ballroom Tango
This Tango was developed in the country of Argentina several years back. This style makes use of various techniques. Ballroom style tango is easy for the beginners to learn. It can be classified as American style and International style.

The above is the popular tango styles practiced by people all over the world.

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